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Bodrum To Kusadasi

Discussion in 'Kusadasi Holidays - Questions and Answers' started by sharonbar, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. sharonbar Kusadasi Addict

    can anyone help how far is the transfer from bodrum to kusadasi it should be a straight forward transfer hopefully
  2. DeluxeFX
  3. garyadele Kusadasi Expert

    hi sharonbar it takes approx 2hrs 30mins and they have 15-20min stop on the way , yeah straight forward trip it's a nice run , enjoy your holiday :)
  4. sharonbar Kusadasi Addict

    thanks for that garyadele i thought it would off been less as we had origanally booked gumbet but changed resorts back to good kusadasi so we cant change the flights to izmir but it will be worth it atleast we know where things are
  5. Hooperman Kusadasi Connoisseur

    seems excessive 2 hrs 30 mins, is this by donkey, i have done it comfortably in 1 hour 45 mins..
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  6. QUEENIE Kusadasi Addict

    maybe you have a faster donkey;)
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  7. Kustur Ally Kusadasi Explorer

    U can use A2B for the transfer, its fairly cheap
  8. banni Kusadasi Fan

    it takes about one and half hours by car but if you are using bus, it will take 2 hours or so as they stop for refreshment. if you come by car, stop at Bafa gulu (Bafa lake) there is a restaurant which serves the lake's fish and it is very nice.
  9. jake 51 Kusadasi Veteran

    as far as i know ..A2B will not be operating in kusadasi this year..
  10. Kustur Ally Kusadasi Explorer

    just checked their webpage, they are still doing bodrum to kusadais £6.48 single journey by shuttle bus
  11. marky mark Kusadasi Expert

    They better be as I've already booked and paid them for begining of May!!
    I think I paid around £17 return Bodrum airport to Kusadasi on the shuttle bus.
    Says journey time 2hrs
  12. jake 51 Kusadasi Veteran

    was talking to the owners of Regal travel last week and they said they won,t be working again with A2B ,so perhaps they have changed to a new contractor..
  13. joelon Kusadasi Fan

    I have done that transfer several times and sometimes it has taken 3 hours!!! Would always fly to Izmir now!
  14. magda Kusadasi Fan

    You can book transfers only with Travel Republic 14.00 return Bodrum To Kusadasi I have used them lots of times and always been happy with their service
  15. marky mark Kusadasi Expert

    Today had me transfer vouchers for the second time sent from A2B because they have new phone numbers so perhaps that's the case.

    Always tried to fly to Izmir from the midlands but now the flights have altered it hard to get exactly what I want, so I back to Bodrum airport. When I first came to Kusadasi years ago that's the airport I used. Bet it's not changed.
    Don't want to fly out Saturday night as thats my party night out in Kus!!
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  16. garyadele Kusadasi Expert

    not allways easy to get a flight ti izmir , we are going birmingham to bodrum , this year and i don't mind the run from bodrum to kusadasi :)
  17. sharonbar Kusadasi Addict

    its been 12 years since we flew to bodrum so i hope the airport has more shops izmir airport is huge with just one duty free shop an one food shop i was disgaced so bodrum it is as long as we get o kusadasi
  18. Betty Kusadasi Addict

    You must be fit,Do you run with your suitcases as well ?
  19. Debbie O' B Kusadasi Expert

    i had to fly to bodrum twice as flights to Izmir were changed at the last minute, it took just over 2 hrs on the bus but one thing i will say and i heard lots more people saying it that they are very strict checking in luggage compared to Izmir, every second person was getting caught with overweight luggage so be careful with that:)
  20. Betty Kusadasi Addict

    Think it's down to the airline with the luggage not the airport
  21. Debbie O' B Kusadasi Expert

    I do think a lot it is the airline like Ryanair or so strict but for years i flew Sunway and the plane they used was Onur Air and never saw it happening in Izmir and we found we were flying into Bodrum we were warned about the baggage and we wittnessed it, never saw it going on in Izmir as bad as this everyone being stopped for their luggage