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Gay Boom in Kusadasi

Discussion in 'Free Bench-Free Chat' started by sencori, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. ally Rose of Kusadasi

    Bears? Twinks??? Enlighten my please!!!

    Both times we went to Tattoo it had a good crowd in it even though it was about 3am. Not a place for prudes though ;) Hurry back you guys, Mavi and I have missed it.

    The night we all went to Taps it was full of british families and old dears getting up for a dance.

  2. Hephaestion Kusadasi Explorer

    LOL Steve!! I was waiting for you too take the bait!!!:box::D :D :D

    Ally, twinks are teenage boys and bears are big hairy men. Then there are the Muscle Mary´s....should I go on????:D

    Ally I can´t remember any old dears getting up for a dance, but I distinctly remember someone being snubbed the karoake microphone!:D :D
  3. ally Rose of Kusadasi

    `muscle marys`??....im entrigued chris...tell me more :)

    I can remember a few in cardigans getting up for a bit of a dance and yes who can forget the karaoke microphone ;)
    I can remember going over to the DJ and asking him in turkish about karaoke...he said `i can't understand you!` in english! LOL! LOL!

  4. Hephaestion Kusadasi Explorer

    Muscle Mary´s are basically gay gym bunnies who are all fit & buff but still sort of Queeny. :p
  5. ally Rose of Kusadasi

    I know the ones you mean Chris! You cant tell they're gay until they open their mouths! LOL!!

  6. kibris Mancunian Crooner

    Then youve got the "leather ethel;s" lol --or shouldnt we go there?!!!!!---please christian--dont mention the hanky code!!!lol steve
  7. Hephaestion Kusadasi Explorer

    I know!! All that work & effort, blood, sweat and tears and steroids - and what for when you have the voice of Minnie Mouse on helium. :D

    Leather Ethel´s ....how could I forget!!!:doh: :D

    BTW I´ve heard they are going to make a "Hanky Code" movie with *gulp* Tom Hanks (Hanky Hanks:p )!!!
  8. kibris Mancunian Crooner

    Not forgetting the clone queens!!!
  9. POL Kusadasi Fan


    There is always the Tatoo in Kaleci. Also I have heard they have also opened a new bar in Kaleci but can't remember it's name. Will be checking it out when I arrive for August.
  10. ally Rose of Kusadasi

    Tattoo has moved location; still in Kaleici but a bigger premises.

  11. kibris Mancunian Crooner

    Start at the beginning of the centrum with the sea behind you. The caravanserai will be on your right and the kaleici on your left. Take the first left into the kaleici and walk down untill you see a kuofor salon on your left---its the street opposite this---the new tatoo bar is just a few yrds along on the left side
  12. lthr_yu Kusadasi Explorer

    The club looks nice. Kinda big for a small town. Music was OK, although way to much turkish music (although, now i'm a fan of Hande Yener and her hit ROMEO (gayromeo:)))
    The crowd was... well... lots of queens. And Im really not into that. There were some kinda of cute twinks, but as i said... nno thanx
  13. kibris Mancunian Crooner

    Take a walk on the wild side--Golden oldies karaoke bar!!!!lol--it works for us anyhow! And the booze is reasonable.
  14. Hephaestion Kusadasi Explorer

    Weeeell we did kinda warn you!!!:p It´s KWEEEEN´S GALORE in there!:D

    Love this song too!!

    Steady on Steve!! Wildside?? :confused:
    Don´t tell me that there was a secret dark room and an underground S/M torture chamber!!! Those Golden Oldies boys are dark horses I tell you!!:D

    I think this is more his style!:oops:
  15. ally Rose of Kusadasi

    Golden Oldies is as wild as some of us gets Chris ;)

    Now thats what I call a sexy game....better than watching football anyday!

  16. kibris Mancunian Crooner

    Now then now then---yu and mavi are pretty wild after a few --yu know yu are lol-da kibris!!!lol
  17. Hephaestion Kusadasi Explorer



    Golden Moldy´s???! Not quite believing that Ally!!!:D

    In fact I have incriminating evidence in the form of secret digital photo´s that would suggest otherwise. Okay it´s Michelle getting rat arsed on stage but hey....!!!

    Yeah aren´t those wrestler´s hot!!! Man candy too the Xtreme!!!
    Turkish oil wrestler´s!!! They commune in Edirne (a sudden surge of online flight bookings are occuring as I write this lol :D :D)!!
  18. kibris Mancunian Crooner

    And to think i joined this site for high-brow cultural experiences!!! eeeh by gum!!! lol
  19. ally Rose of Kusadasi

    What do you mean Man Candy......they're very good Eye Candy for the ladies too ;)

  20. Hephaestion Kusadasi Explorer


    Don´t worry the term applies to both sexes Ally!!:p