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Genuine Fake Watches

Discussion in 'Kusadasi Photo Sharing' started by Umit, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Umit Administrator

    i am enjoying new Kusadasi pix on flickr.com and loved this one :D

  2. DeluxeFX
  3. Mella Administrator

    Hahahah ''genuine Fake'' :D :D

    Love this pic...


    Stunning sunset...
  4. chris Kusadasi Explorer

    looking at that sunset just makes you want to be there !:mad: :mad: :mad:
  5. chris Kusadasi Explorer

    :D :D
    One of the best (or worst) examples of a genuine fake that i have seen,was an Everton football shirt that said EVERTOON F.C. ! :D :D :D
  6. Sunnysoo Kusadasi Explorer

    That's what I love about Turkey the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth LOL, lookin forward to going in May
  7. kay Kusadasi Kiwi

    I had to laugh as I took the same photo in December. It really is a classic.
  8. jake 51 Kusadasi Veteran

    ..i am an avid watch collecter i, think i have about 20 or so, but my favourite was a gold citizen watch i bought i in turkey many years ago ."not a fake"and it was broken in the uk , i took it to my local jewelers said it would be difficut to repair,it would be at least £40 ,i then took it to h.m .sammuals ,and they said it was not possible to fix it ,so when i came to kus ,i took about 7 watches to be repaired for one thing or another mostly batteries replaced ,and straps ,also my citizen,went back next day and they were all repaired 25ytl and that was including my gold watch.he is opposite the blue mosque in kus ,in the shopping center on the same street as moons,lovely bloke ,we have since become good freinds.:) ps so much for british workmanship.
  9. babypud Kusadasi Explorer

    love the sunset Mella, havent got my baby bro to come to Turkey yet as he's a very busy guy, but when he does i think he will do it justice with his camera. This is his web site www.asyouare.co.uk. im not advertising as i think most of it is too personal........he loves his pets!!!!
  10. Hephaestion Kusadasi Explorer

    Had the same experience as you Jake, I get all my watches fixed in Kus.
  11. jake 51 Kusadasi Veteran

    ..also last week my gold ring snapped ,:) got it repaired for 20 ytl ,try getting that done elsewhere ,also it was cleaned up like brand new...
  12. Alice x Kusadasi Explorer

    funny picture! my watch broke when I was in turkey last so I bought a new one from a shop near the grand bazaar, the owner left and told me he was going to put a new battery in it, when he came back i checked and it was working fine. but as soon as id left the shop it stopped working hehe! i went back and complained but he denied me ever buying it there!:D im now the proud owner of a genuine fake guess watch that doesnt work.
  13. jake 51 Kusadasi Veteran

    take it back alice next time you are over ,i am sure it was a " genuine fake mistake":w00t:
  14. Alice x Kusadasi Explorer

    Jake i don't think he will remember me after months he denied me buying it there after a few days a genuine fake excuse if i've ever heard one hehe!
  15. joanpete Kusadasi Addict

    hey babypud

    was nice to see the channel islands mentioned on here , i am from guernsey , have been living in uk for 7 yrs

    except when i am in turkey , which i am hoping will be home soon
  16. jake 51 Kusadasi Veteran

    . if you are back in kus .i will get your watch changed, pm me next time you are over.:)
  17. babypud Kusadasi Explorer

    hi Joanpete,
    we are scatterd all over, David's in Jersey, baby sis Lucy in Gran Canaria and Mom's in Elche in Spain, not forgetting we are in Turkey (the best place out of the lot).
  18. jake 51 Kusadasi Veteran

    i agree with that.it is the best place to be.:)
  19. Big Stoo Kusadasi Fan

    I have 2 gold bracelets that have broken clasps...is it cheap enough to get them mended in Turkey?
  20. babypud Kusadasi Explorer

    i have a pair of indian ankle chains that i never take off, they are very fancy in design, over time they have become mis-shaped being 22ct. i took them in to be straightend, had to be done by hand!...... cost nothing. For work done like this, you feel that you should be paying something, but NO they would not take anything.