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Kusadasi To Marmaris

Discussion in 'Transportation to Kusadasi - Turkey' started by olive grove, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. olive grove Kusadasi Addict

    Has anyone travelled from Kusadasi to Marmaris , and if so can you please let me have details , how long to get there , cost etc ?? Any help appreciated . Thanks x
  2. DeluxeFX
  3. margo Kusadasi Expert

    Have travelled from Kusadasi to Marmaris but by car, I am going to
    the bus office shortly to book a trip to Chesme and will check it out
    for you!!
  4. olive grove Kusadasi Addict

    Thanks Margo . Noreen x
  5. banksy Kusadasi Expert

    done this trip by coach and it takes four and a half hours.
  6. joy Sweet Yorkshire Rose

    Looks like you have have say a few nights Noreen
  7. olive grove Kusadasi Addict

    Thanks Joy , was going to stay for 3 nights..going to see a friend who has a bar down there..thought it would make a change from the usual Kus stuff..long journey though...x
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  8. margo Kusadasi Expert

    Got some details for Olive Grove, coach leaves kusadasi every morning 10.15
    It takes 4 hours and it is 70 lire return. Buses leave Marmaris every morning at
    10.15 am every day as well. Only the one bus so a stay over with your friend would be lovely. Would the friend happen to be Teresa ? if it is you will need a few days to
    catch up, a lovely lady.
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  9. olive grove Kusadasi Addict

    Thanks Margo , yes its Teresa ! Yes shes lovely ! Just got to sort out dates now! xx

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