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Mr. Moons Shout Out !

Discussion in 'Free Bench-Free Chat' started by Paul & Karen, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Paul & Karen Kusadasi Addict

    Shot in the dark here !
    I was in bar beside Mr Moons two weeks back,5pm or so and I
    overhears a conversation between a Dublin guy ,(late 60's) and some Irish guys from
    Cork.The Dublin man said he was living in Kusadasi for the last 12 years
    and had not been home since,he said he had been in the construction business
    had 9 men working for him but like many had left Ireland disillusioned ,I watched the guy leave and he headed down towards the Ekmek shop,his face was familiar but I could not put
    my finger on it.
    Having returned home to Dublin I suddenly thought "was that Paddy,the master joiner,who worked for
    Moran's Joinery in Dublin", he had the graw for Turkey as his daughter lived in North Cyprus,he convinced me twenty years back that Turkey was a good place to visit,which we have done for the last ten years or so.
    If anybody in Mr Moons can throw some light on this shout out I would be most grateful ,if it was Paddy and I missed him I will chew my flute.
    Paul Gilmore.
  2. DeluxeFX
  3. Paul & Karen Kusadasi Addict

    I think his name was Brian ?
  4. Paul & Karen Kusadasi Addict

    Will be out again 13th / 20th October if anybody has any info re. the above.
  5. Paul & Karen Kusadasi Addict

    Just back from Kusadasi,checked in at Mr. Moons to be told that Brian had just returned to Ireland
    for a break,just my luck !won,t be over for a year or two.