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Pegasus Bus

Discussion in 'Transportation to Kusadasi - Turkey' started by Kusadasi girl, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Kusadasi girl Kusadasi Connoisseur

    Does anyone know the times that the Pegasus bus leaves Izmir airport for Kusadasi? Also, do you also happen to know where the drop off point(s) are?

    Many thanks, in advance
  2. DeluxeFX
  3. miketutun Kusadasi Expert

    Safest to contact the agency in Kusie otogar I think they are called Last Minute something or other. Situated far right hand corner of the otogar as you face it. They have a web site as it keeps poping up on my FB page amongst others. They also run their own service now I think.
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  4. Kusadasi girl Kusadasi Connoisseur

    That's fantastic, thank you ....... the only prob is that I am in the UK just now!
  5. Nuala Kusadasi Fan

    why not just book on lıne wıth Resort hoppa I have always found them very relıable and cheap
  6. Kusadasi girl Kusadasi Connoisseur

    Just wanted to try another route!
  7. miketutun Kusadasi Expert

    They book on line I persume Last Minute Tours.com ?
  8. Omentide Kusadasi Addict

    We caught the Pegasus bus from Izmir to Selçuk this week. It was actually a Sun Express bus. It cost 20 lira each. The one we caught left Izmir at 22:30. So we had a bit of a wait but saved money. We did have to remind the driver to go to Selçuk... He was about to head straight to Kuşadası.

    We phoned Pegasus to ask about the bus. We were given another number to ring and that number gave us a third number to ring. We didn't get held in any long queues but having a bit of Turkish helped and, as we phoned from Turkey we weren't worried about international calls.

    We did ask directions to the bus and a very nice man took us to where it was (so we could leave our luggage on it whilst waiting). You go into the carpark a bit, then turn left and walk till you get to a parking lot where the bus was parked.
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  9. Kusadasi girl Kusadasi Connoisseur

    Superb.... I think we are going to try it. Another little adventure and something else to achieve.
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  10. rosegarden Kusadasi Addict

    Hi There

    Can you give me their email address, web address and also any other information please? Where in Kusadasi does the bus leave to go to Izmir Airport? Also where at Izmir Airport does the bus leave to go to Kusadasi?

    Thanks and regards
  11. miketutun Kusadasi Expert

    Hi I used the transfer from here to the airport and the bus left from the service road behind their office in the otogar. I didn't return with them but noticed a guy holding a board up just outside the arrival hall. I have been looking for their email web address which was on my FBook site but now seems to have gone but I will pass it on if I find it. Sorry I can't be of more help at the moment.

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  12. Kusadasi girl Kusadasi Connoisseur

    I intend to travel with them in 10 days so I will try to get details etc.
  13. peril Kusadasi Connoisseur

    Can anyone use these buses or only if flying with Pegasus or Sun Express?
  14. miketutun Kusadasi Expert

    I am not sure but I think Last Minute have their own service now but I can't find their web site. I am going into town later so I will ask my travel agent friend and let you know.
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  15. Kusadasi girl Kusadasi Connoisseur

    I think it is only passengers who have their flight tickets, Peril though I can't be 100% sure. I will let you know after I have sussed it out in 10 days.
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  16. peril Kusadasi Connoisseur

    I'm sure I'm like a lot of other people who like to have a variety of transport options available to try out. I have used the Havas bus services elsewhere in Turkey to get from cities to the airport and am interested to see if there is something similar from Izmir straight to Kusadasi without having to go to the bus station in Izmir.
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  17. Kusadasi girl Kusadasi Connoisseur

    Peril - got all the info now. Can you PM me,please?
  18. Sanaz Kusadasi Explorer

    Pegasus shuttles are located in Izmir's airport parking area AFTER EACH OF THEIR FLIGHTS usually with their big Logo on them , when you get out of the airport you can ask for their exact location , they ask 20 Liras to Kusadasi and they are ONLY FOR PEGASUS PASSENGERS since they ask for your flight ticket.
    But if I were you I'll try Atlas Jet since they offer FREE SHUTTLE from Izmir to Kusadasi also a very nice flight .
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  19. Pascal Dugas Bourdon Kusadasi Explorer

    Nice thing to know! Thank you for sharing! Anyone knows how much time after arrival the Pegasus bus leaves for Kusadasi? And how much time does it take to get to Kusadasi with that bus? Also, we were thinking of visiting Ephesus on our way to Kusadasi. Is it a good idea to stop at Selcuk, leave our luggage at the otogar (is it possible to do that?) and finally visit Ephesus?

    Thanks for your help and opinion everyone!
  20. Kusadasi girl Kusadasi Connoisseur

    I don't know that it is possible to leave your luggage at Selcuk otogar - never seen that facility.
  21. Kusadasi girl Kusadasi Connoisseur

    The Pegasus bus is now run by Coastline Travel and can be booked at the travel agency above the underground car park (Belidye). The cost is 20 lira each way and they can be reached by email: coastlinetravel@gmail.vom

    The info I was given is:

    From Izmir airport to Kusadasi


    They run a service from Kusadasi to Adnan Menderes airport. Again, the details I was given are as follows

    From Kusadasi to Izmir airport

    However, we travelled with Last Minute Tours and for some unknown reason I forgot to collect their timings but I include their email for those who may be interested. info@lastminuteturkey.com
    We had a good transfer with them and wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Like Coastline they drop you in the otogar and then you need to get a taxi or dolmus if needed
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