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Problems with www.filmon.com

Discussion in 'Foreigners Living in Kusadasi' started by Edwina, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Edwina Kusadasi Fan

    H:(i is anyone having any problems with the above website. Watched Xfactor on Saturday night and no problem. Sunday night kept freezing, again tonight turned on Holby City and kept freezing. Getting desperate as it is Final this weekend and I don't want to miss it. Will there be any place showing this in Kusadasi in case I can't get it?
  2. DeluxeFX
  3. Ernie Price Kusadasi Addict

    Hi Edwina, if you can't get it working I will be downloading it and can burn it onto a dvd and you can watch it the next day. Just give me a shout and I can drop it to you on Monday.
  4. Edwina Kusadasi Fan

    Hi Ernie, thanks very much I might take you up on that. I will keep trying if I don't have any success I will send you and sos
  5. Mella Administrator

    Hi Edwina,

    I've been using it a fair bit since Ally posted about it - sometimes it's fine, other times it freezes and occasionally I even get a message saying 'Scrambled' and I can't watch it at all.

    Most of the time it works fine though, but it's usually during X Factor that it starts freezing, maybe because there are too many people all trying to watch it at the same time.
  6. LKA Milas Melek

    I'm having exactly the same problem Edwina and mine froze on Sunday night so was unable to watch X-Factor. I also had the same problem Monday night and last night. Watching during the daytime is no problem, so perhaps Mella is right.

    ETA: I wish I had an Ernie living near me to copy it on dvd for me....sob!
  7. lezz Guest

  8. zeytin Kusadasi Connoisseur

    Same problem with us, sometimes perfect, sometimes i feel like throwing the pc through the window, specially when youve waited 2 hours to watch something:D Is it because the internet is so slow here? mavis
  9. jake 51 Kusadasi Veteran

    ..its as Mella says ..to many people watching at the same time ..not really much you can do about it ..except download it and watch it later..or get dreambox we saw it ok..:)
  10. AlanK Kusadasi Connoisseur


    How do you down load using Film on please? I can't find the option.
  11. jake 51 Kusadasi Veteran

    ...just google filmon then download..:)
  12. ally Rose of Kusadasi


    Alan, you download the HDI player.
  13. AlanK Kusadasi Connoisseur

    Download to disc

    I've been using HDI player for a long time, but I can only stream! Is it possible to download to disc?
  14. pajoe Kusadasi Connoisseur

    The final episode of Holby City, wow.............:doh:
  15. ally Rose of Kusadasi

    Has anyone tried to watch anything via filmon today? I haven't used it since Boxing Day and it was working ok. Now it's loading but the screen is just showing the filmon logo...it's not coming on to any channels. Plus there's a number 12 coming up on the screen too....haven't seen that before. :busted:
  16. Flo1967 Kusadasi Addict

    I've had trouble ever since I downloaded it, I watched the final of Strictly come dnacing no problem, but it's been a pain ever since. I phoned customer sipport and she said download it again, but that didn't work either
  17. Mavi Glaswegian G├╝zeli

    Mine is fine, I watched eastenders today and now kids are watching Dr WHo!
  18. ally Rose of Kusadasi

    Celebrity BB startin tonight so I want to get it working for that :(
  19. zeytin Kusadasi Connoisseur

    Looking forward to bb, hope ours doesnt go funny, its very tempremental:mad:
  20. LKA Milas Melek

    It's OK for me today Ally. I was going to suggest uninstalling then installing again. I did this a couple of weeks ago when I had problems and it worked.
  21. ally Rose of Kusadasi

    Well I've un-installed it. When I went on to their website and clcked on the Live TV button, it said that my connection had been stopped and that I was to contact Support with a valid Order ID..and that if I didnt have one I needed to purchase one. So does that mean that you only get so long free????
    Am downloading it now so we'll see if it works again. :busted:

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