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Turkish Airlines Long Delay: No Compensation

Discussion in 'Transportation to Kusadasi - Turkey' started by Rexa, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Rexa Kusadasi Addict

    We had a terrible journey with Turkish Airlines (Istanbul - Toulouse)
    We had a delay of more than 4 hours and we received no explanation and nothing to eat.

    Normally we could claim 400 eur pp for this delay, when this was a european company OR a flight from a european country. These compensations are straight forward (EU regulation).

    So be aware when you fly with Turkish Airlines from outside the EU. This company can do what they want and they don't need to apologise.

    We know now that we never will use them again and take in future a european company.

  2. DeluxeFX
  3. Hooperman Kusadasi Connoisseur

    To be honest i did not think compensation/meals or anything had to be given to passengers Rule 205 is normally invoked, love to know where you 400 Euro per person comes from ..? i feel i have missed out on a fortune after the delays i have had at manchester Airport over the years
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  4. Rexa Kusadasi Addict

    See Regulation 261/2004. Skymediator looked into our file and told us that we could get cash compensation if it was a european company. Rexa
  5. kay Kusadasi Kiwi

    Cripes - I'd be filthy rich if every time I was delayed by 4 hours I got that much compensation.
  6. Lilylove Kusadasi Addict

    I thought after 4 hours delay you were only intitled to a meal and a drink, we were delayed 2 and a half hours with Aer Lingus in August and we got a meal from Burgerking......Lucky us,not.
  7. pajoe Kusadasi Connoisseur

    We had a 7 hour delay in September on Onur air on a flight from Izmir to Istanbul.[ 50 mins ] and got a can of cola.
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  8. Rexa Kusadasi Addict

    Pajoe, when you fly with Onur air from Izmir to Istanbul, you cannot get any compensation!
    When this was a flight with a european company, you will get a compensation as from 2 hours delay. Maybe good for the companies that a lot of people don't know this ............. They just accept the delay.
    On internet you can find legal offices that are specialized in these kind of claims. It will cost you 20% of the compensation.

    When your flight is cancelled within 1 week before departure and your new flight is at least 2 hours earlier or later, you also can ask the standard compensation (250 EUR). As of 3 hours delay, you get 400EUR.
    You can read that Turkish Airlines will give you these compensations too, when the flight starts in the EU.

    Force majeur: no compensation!

  9. Rexa Kusadasi Addict

    I forgot something:
    Do you know why a flight is cancelled just a couple of days before your departure?

    Because they combine 2 flights and make a profit. Our original flight was at 7 am. Then we were moved to 5 am. They economize and move with people.

    You can imagine how much a company can save when they can skip 1 flight!

  10. miketu Kusadasi Addict

    Turkish friends will only use them now if there is no alternative. Continual delays lost baggage etc etc and very off hand attitudes and never a 'sorry'.
  11. deanlo Forum Legend

    Got to be honest used them about a dozen time always found them good.Maybe just been lucky.

  12. peril Kusadasi Connoisseur

    I have used THY dozens of times and always had great service and seldom delayed. My only quibble is the lack of competition on the Dublin-Istanbul direct route and the fact that they don't go from Dublin to Izmir.
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  13. Steve B Kusadasi Connoisseur

    Try getting any compensation from Ryan air, lol, even within the EU.
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  14. dancing queen Kusadasi Expert

    Had no problems with Turkish Airlines..very prompt flights...Izmir/Istanbul...Istanbul/Edinburgh and back again.
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  15. Johnyturk Kusadasi Expert

    Very good service 99% of the time from THY only a damaged bag for which they paid for,very few airlines now give free food and drink and papers etc,they will start to fly twice daily from Dublin to Istanbul 3 days a week in the next few months and also they are trying to get the Dublin to Izmir route direct,anyhow it looks as they might take over Aerlingus and use Dublin as a hub for their worldwide flights.
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  16. peril Kusadasi Connoisseur

    Yes I'd heard about the 10 flights a week but nothing yet about direct flights to Izmir - that would be a real godsend!
  17. jasmina Kusadasi Expert

    Even is it's a European airline, it depends on why the plane was delayed. I have had a few delays from Istanbul, because of the lay-out of the take-off lanes. It doesn't take a lot of wind for certain lanes to be closed, leading to delays for everybody. You won't get compensation for this, but you do get "care," which is a food, or in some cases a hotelroom (which happened to me once). They should have offered you an explanation in any case.
  18. peril Kusadasi Connoisseur

    We flew from Dublin to Istanbul on Tuesday evening. We left on time and arrived 30minutes early. The plane itself was new with individual tv and radio with passenger to passenger phone calls. Most modern plane I have ever been on, and certainly the most comfortable. Well done THY.
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  19. Lilylove Kusadasi Addict

    Don't Ryanair already own nearly half of Airlingus?
  20. Johnyturk Kusadasi Expert

    they own only around 30%